Tips For Photographing Outdoors This Spring

Tips For Photographing Children Outdoors This Spring

We know, it’s not easy to make that kind of photos, especially when the children are small. There is a moment in their lives where they always look at the camera when they are babies and everything that moves, especially if it has a little light, surprises them and makes them not lose detail. However, once that phase is over, the opposite happens: you will escape from them even if it is because that assures you that you will persecute them trying to capture that moment that you do not want to forget. It is the beginning of your game.

So Here Are Some Tips To Take Outdoor Photos To Your Kids

1 – Have a good time while you are doing the pictures. Do not make the child pose still and smiling. This never works with small children. Make him laugh, catch his attention, and if you are both who are having fun, your laughter will be reflected in his eyes. You will both be in the same image. 2 – To increase the chances of success, use high speeds in the camera and even better if you can take photos in continuous shooting mode. This way you will have more options so that some of the photographs do not move. A challenge for any photographer, especially considering that the kids … do not stop!

3 – Be pictures outdoors or indoors, avoid getting too close to the child, so you do not get overwhelmed with the camera too close. Choose a 55-200 lens to capture details without needing to get too close. 4 – Go down to his height and look him in the eyes. Although children are always beautiful, that is a universal truth; they will be even more exciting if you look at them as equals. 5 – Even if you want to capture the landscape, always try a portrait. You will be surprised by the results of outdoor pictures. They are lovely, especially with the kids. 6 – Do not wait for me to look directly at you. Who said I had to do it? The portraits are also beautiful when the model is not looking at the camera. He captures his look, his surprises, that the viewer wonders what he saw with those little eyes can be the beginning of a story.

7 – Prevent the child from facing the sun and the convenient hours of the day. The best time to take pictures with children outdoors is the sunset, with a softer natural light. Dawn is also a good time, but a sleepy child is not the best model, so we only have the afternoon! 
8 – Enjoy the landscape and, if it can be, the child has a somewhat neutral set of complementary colors to the scene you want to use. Do not wear green pants, for example, if you’re going to take photos in a meadow.

9 – If you cannot avoid those central hours of the day, try to make the child wear blue or red clothing that shades the excess light, put your camera in a shadow, let the child receive it and prepare to touch up or get overexposures. It can be an excellent resource for some original and very cool photos. 10 – Take something that you like, a toy that you know you will interact with and that looks good in the photos. Avoid small dolls that will cost you to capture in the image, but make sure you have an ace up your sleeve. So, if you get tired (you’ll get tired before you, for sure), you’ll have some second chance to get the ideal photo.