How Can We Build A Comprehensive Digital PhotoBook

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How Can We Build A Comprehensive Digital PhotoBook

January 8, 2019 Digital PhotoBook 0

We want to make it easy for you to create a digital photo book with your artistic creation and personalized design. We are continually working to improve the designs, colors and different types of photo books that we offer you every day and for that, we want to explain step by step how to create your digital photo book.

1. Choose The Photo Book You Want To Edit

First, you have to choose the photo book that best suits you. We currently have four different photobooks:

  • Photobook Landscape: with a capacity of 30 to 156 pages and luxury binding, with anti-fingerprint paper where you can place your best photographs.
  • Vertical Photo Book: with a different size to the landscape book but with the same characteristics and print quality.
  • Maxi Photo Book:  with a size of 30 × 30 in square format, it is ideal to see your photos on a large scale.
  • Book Of Photos Of The Year:  with cut-out cover, it is an extraordinary and different photo book so you can keep your best memories of the year 2018. Now that you know what photobook you want.

2. Start With Your Creation

Once you have chosen your digital photo book, click on the ” Create ” button on the right side of the page. After determining if you want to do it online or through our program, load your photos into the editing tool, and the magic begins. You can upload the images automatically and then edit them to your liking or upload them manually in the order you prefer. Also, we offer different design themes such as a wedding, first communion, trips, celebrations, etc.

3. Set The Cover Of Your Photo Book

Place a representative image of what you want to tell, an exciting or descriptive title and a spectacular design. A beautiful cover will be the beginning of an unforgettable photobook. From our team, we offer a wide variety of designs for you to choose the one you like the most.

4. Design Your Photo Book

Once all the images are placed in your new photo book, use the online editor to change the font, choose the format of the page, place frames and masks and put the pictures in the order you want. You can add more pages and visualize how the entire album will look. Personalize your photo book entirely and do something spectacular.

5. Choose Your Printing Options And Go To The Checkout

Once you have edited all your photos in your photo book, save your creation when you are finished and click on the top left in “details and more options” to select how you want the cover’s finish or paper type.